About Us

We exist since 1992, we have started from the bottom, making our own light fixtures, playing music from cassette tapes & carrying boxes full of CDs, working many late nights which turn into late mornings. We have made mistakes, learned & evolved so much since.

We believe in creating memories, turning a regular day into an extraordinary one.

Our main purpose is to help our customers turn their vision into reality. Our goal is to make it even better than they expect.

We challenge ourselves to use the coolest and newest technology, we like being trend setters and innovators. We also invest smart, we like being be able to keep prices affordable & to compensate our team fairly.

Our strength is our team, our technology and our resourcefulness.

Why resourcefulness? Because every venue is different, every party is different, every customer is different and we still have to make it happen. No matter what, no excuses.

Every time we prepare for an event, we think how important it is to our customers not to fail them.

We know our customers are counting on us.